With your Executive MBA from Santa Clara University, you'll be able to take the Silicon Valley focus, and use it globally.

Executive MBA Courses

After four thematic terms, bookended with two intensive leadership weekends, you'll be the executive that Silicon Valley is looking for. 

Each term you’ll work on a major team project and additional individual and casework assignments.

Program Overview
  • Program duration: Graduate in 17 months.
  • Time/schedule: Friday and Saturday classes, every other week.
                              Friday: 5 - 9 pm       Saturdays: 9 am - 5 pm
  • Course delivery: Cohort style. 
Course Outline
Term 1 Year 1 Accounting and Quant Modelling
    Immersion: Trip to Beijing Sanghai
    Navigate the Business Environment
    Business Analytics
Term 2
  Finance and Managerial Econ
    Creating Value
    Operating in Global, Finance, and Product Markets
Term 3
  Marketing and Operations
  Year 2 Bringing Technology to the Marketplace
    Supply Chain Management
Term 4   Managing Innovation and Change
    New Business Ventures

Early in the first term, you’ll also travel to a country with a significant global economy, such as China, to study the different business models of firms like Citibank, Lenovo, and Accenture. Back at home, you’ll visit leading Silicon Valley companies through our Cutting Edge Immersion program to work directly with key decision-makers, learning management techniques first-hand.