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Required Courses

MGMT 3540 – Food Industry Management

Focuses on the key issues and management decisions necessary to effectively lead food and agribusiness firms in the competitive, global food system. Includes topics on the principal regulations and regulatory bodies governing the food industry, food safety and crisis management, ethical issues in food production and distribution, and resource and environment issues. Prerequisite: MGMT 505 or MGMT 2505 or MGMT 3505. (3 units)

IDIS 3622 - Global Agribusiness Challenges

The focus of this course is on encouraging students to develop a sound understanding of key supply, demand and technological innovation drivers which food and agribusiness managers must address and the distinctive strategies which they use to deal with them. This course is intended to complement MGMT 3540, so that the two courses cover the core requirement for the MBA agribusiness concentration.Prerequisites: None. (3 units)

IDIS 3801 - Strategy Development in Food & Beverage Industries

IDIS 3801 focuses on analysis of the strategic options facing innovating, high-margin food and agribusinesses worldwide. Emphasis is on discussion of business strategy cases featuring fresh produce, wine industry, food processing, retail grocery and restaurant companies. Teams work together to prepare case analyses for presentation to the class. Presentations are videotaped. Students receive feedback and are coached on how to enhance their performance.