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FAI Business of Bees Presentation

FAI Business of Bees Presentation

The Business of Bees: 2017

Over 80 students, faculty, staff, and guests filled the Williman Room in Benson Center on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 for “The Business of Bee’s” event. Hosted by the student staff of the Food and Agribusiness Institute, the night consisted of individual presentations and a panel discussion by renowned research associate of UC Davis, Bernardo Niño, President of the Santa Clara Bee Guild, Ken McKenzie, and Master beekeeper and owner of Mama Q's Family Honey Farm, Roger Quinlan. Moderated by Professor Leslie Gray, panelists answered various questions regarding the size of the bee industry, colony collapse disorder, the impact of large scale beekeepers, and the variances in bee behavior as a result of the environment. In particular, audience members enjoyed hearing about the almond pollination process as well as the differences in the taste of honey depending on the location of a hive. Both the Santa Clara Bee Guild and The Forge Garden at Santa Clara University were generous enough to provide honey from their bee hives for an audience tasting before and after the event. Overall, event attendees walked out of the event with a belly full of honey and the current buzz on bees!