Past Immersion Trips

Quotes From Students on Past Immersion Trips

“I think the trip challenged us to look at things critically. It’s easy to look at the differences between other countries, but it’s really important to think about ways that we’re similar,” said Lauren Liu ’15.

"The hospitality we received both at the village and throughout the whole country was amazing, and makes you step back and look at how our society treats each other, as well as outsiders."

"He managed to enhance the meaning of our experiences by sending us off with new ambitions to make a difference, for ourselves and for others. He talked about his belief that each human being is placed on Earth with the purpose to change and improve something in the world. He lives by this belief. He talked about the importance of humility in finding fulfillment in life. My favorite thing he said was 'stay humble, stay focused, and the world will come to you'". 
– Joey Coleman, '15

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