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Accounting Faculty

Associate Professor, Accounting

Michael Calegari

Interim Director, Center for Accounting Research and Education, Robert and Barbara McCullough Professor of Accounting

Yongtae Kim

Associate Professor, Accounting

Haidan Li

Professor of Practice, Accounting

Brian Nelson

Dean's Executive Professor of Accounting, Accounting

Chris Paisley

Adjunct Lecturer, Accounting, Accounting

Haoning Richter

Adjunct Lecturer, Accounting

Frank Teruel

Economics Faculty

Lecturer, Economics

Patricia Cameron-Loyd


Associate Professor, Economics

Linda Kamas

behavioral, experimental, gender, macroeconomics

Department Chair,
Associate Professor, Economics

Dongsoo Shin

agency theory, industrial organization, game theory

Stephen and Patricia Schott Professor of Economics

William A. Sundstrom

economic history, labor, development

Assistant Professor, Economics

Victoria Wenxin Xie

environmental economics, international trade and development economics

Finance Faculty

Associate Professor, Finance
Faculty Director, MS in Finance, Finance

Ye Cai

Associate Professor, Finance

George Chacko

William and Janice Terry Professor of Finance and Business Analytics

Sanjiv Das

Department Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Finance

Robert Hendershott

Gerald and Bonita Wilkinson Professor of Finance

Hoje Jo

Associate Professor of Finance and Business Analytics, Finance

Seoyoung Kim

Adjunct Lecturer, Finance

Joseph Ori

Department Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Finance

Carrie Pan

Mario L. Belotti Professor of Finance

Hersh Shefrin

Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance

Meir Statman

Information Systems and Analytics Faculty

Benjamin and Mae Swig Professor of Information Systems and Analytics

Naren Agrawal

Associate Professor, Business Analytics

Ram Bala

Professor and Department Co-Chair, Information Systems and Analytics

George (Gangshu) Cai

Assistant Professor, Information Systems & Analytics

Sunghun Chung

Professor of Practice, Information Systems & Analytics

Homi Fatemi

Professor, Information Systems & Analytics

Manoochehr Ghiassi

Adjunct Lecturer, Information Systems & Analytics

Charles Goldenberg

Associate Professor
Program Director, MSBA, Information Systems & Analytics

Tao Li

Associate Professor and Department Co-Chair, Information Systems & Analytics

Haibing Lu

Professor, Information Systems & Analytics

Andy Tsay

Lecturer, Information Systems & Analytics

Graeme Warren

Associate Professor, Information Systems & Analytics

David Zimbra

Management & Entrepreneurship Faculty

Naumes Family Professor of Management;
Executive Director, CFIE, Management

Greg Baker

Adjunct Lecturer, Management

Sylvia Flatt

Lecturer, Management

Fiona Ji

Lecturer, Management
Faculty Director, MBA Programs & Alumni Engagement

Nydia MacGregor

Assistant Professor, Management

Kelly Patterson

Accolti Professor of Leadership

Barry Z. Posner

Professor of Practice, Management

Elizabeth Powers

Assistant Professor, Management

Jo-Ellen Pozner

Assistant Professor, Management

Esther Sackett

Charles J. Dirksen Professor, Management

Manuel Velasquez

Associate Professor, Management

Jennifer L. Woolley

Marketing Faculty

William T. Cleary Professor of Marketing

Albert Bruno

Professor of Practice, Marketing

Charles Byers

Associate Professor, Marketing & Business Analytics

Xiaojing Dong

L.J. Skaggs Distinguished Professor
Executive Director, Retail Management Institute

Kirthi Kalyanam

Department Chair,
Associate Professor, Marketing

Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo

Professor of Practice, Marketing

Juan P. Montermoso

Course Coordinator
Lecturer, Marketing

Sean O'Keefe

Associate Professor, Marketing
Director, Executive MBA

Kumar R. Sarangee

J.C. Penney Research Professor
Associate Professor, Marketing

Savannah Wei Shi

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Rafay Siddiqui

Associate Professor, Marketing

Yuchi Zhang