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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Please note

The Digital Marketing and eCommerce Concentration has been replaced by the Marketing Concentration, beginning Fall 2015 as part of the 2013 curriculum. Both the Digital Marketing / eCommerce concentration and the new Marketing concentration are available to all students in the 2013 curriculum who joined the program prior to Fall 2015. The Digital Marketing / eCommerce concentration is not available to all who joined the program in Fall 2015 or later.

Concentration coordinators Kirthi Kalyanam (Marketing), Savannah Shi (Marketing)

Built from a student's thorough understanding of business fundamentals, this concentration explores current and evolving marketing frameworks with digital and e-commerce components, whether in a high tech or non-technology environment.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to

  • Describe and apply current and evolving marketing frameworks with digital and e-commerce components to both high tech and non-high tech environments.
  • Integrate digital marketing and e-commerce processes with other traditional business elements to develop creative digital marketing and e-commerce strategies and plans.
  • Utilize digital marketing and e-commerce concepts and approaches to optimize customer satisfaction and contribute to societal well-being.
COURSE # Course Name Units
MKTG 3554 Analysis of Customers and Markets 4
MKTG 3590 Designing and Managing Dynamic Marketing Channels 4
MKTG 3592 * Internet Marketing and E-Commerce 4
MKTG 3596 Integrated Market Communications 4
MKTG 3597
(formerly 3696)
Marketing Analytics 4
MKTG 3801 *
(formerly 3696)
Social Media Marketing 4
MKTG 3802 *
(formerly 3696)
Mobile Marketing and mCommerce 4

Last updated August 2019