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Finance Concentration

The Finance Concentration prepares you for careers within corporations, in positions such as Chief Financial Officer, and within investment companies, in positions such as Chief Investment Officer.

Concentration Coordinator Meir Statman (Finance)

The finance concentration consists of twelve (12) finance elective units. All units of finance electives count toward the twelve elective units.

Transcripts will list the concentration as a finance concentration. The finance concentration provides an extensive and deep knowledge of finance, assisting students to transition from technical functions or advance in financial leadership.

Learning Objectives

Students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Know the valuation of financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options and futures, and their financial markets.
  2. Apply finance in corporate settings, such as the choices of investment projects and their management.
  3. Apply finance in investment settings, such as the construction of investment portfolios.
  4. Know the links between finance and other business functions such as marketing and operations.

With the exception of FNCE 3000 or FNCE 3452, all other Finance electives may be counted toward the Finance concentration requirements. 

Courses related to the Finance Concentration 
COURSE # Course Name Units
FNCE 3453 Corporate Financial Management 4
FNCE 3457 International Financial Management 4
FNCE 3459 Financial Markets and Institutions 4
FNCE 3460 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring 4
FNCE 3464 Real Estate Finance 4
FNCE 3480 Emerging Company Finance 4
FNCE 3482 Business Valuation 4
FNCE 3484 Financial Engineering 4
FNCE 3486 Behavioral Corporate Finance 4
FNCE 3490 Machine Learning 3
FNCE 3491 Investments 4
FNCE 3727 Business Model Frameworks 2
FNCE 3728 Alternative Investments 2
FNCE 3729 Applied Portfolio Management I 2
FNCE 3730 Applied Portfolio Management II 2
FNCE 3731 Intro to Fixed Income 2

Last updated January 2020