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Individual Studies Concentration


Concentration Coordinators Patricia Cameron-Loyd (Economics)

Learning Objectives

The Individual Studies Concentrations (ISC) program has been established to meet the needs of students who wish to design a concentration with academic content and perspective not provided by currently available concentrations.
Students who want to pursue an ISC should begin by scheduling a meeting with the ISC Coordinator to obtain a list of instructions regarding administrative details.


In addition to fulfilling the Graduate Business Core requirements for the MBA, students wishing to design an ISC must complete the following concentration requirements:

  • Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Submit a Petition for Admission to the ISC Coordinator for review and approval. The petition must be submitted within 1 quarter of declaring the Independent Studies Concentration. The petition should include:
    • A clear, logical, and conceptually refined description of the proposed program
    • A well-developed argument, supported by appropriate evidence, showing that no existing concentration can meet the student’s educational objectives
    • A plan of study listing courses, seminars, internships, etc., that meets the student’s educational objectives and fulfills the requirement of 15 units of academic credit required to fulfill the concentration requirement
    • The name of a faculty sponsor.

Petitions to pursue an ISC must be approved by the ISC Coordinator, the Graduate Business Faculty Director, a faculty sponsor, and the Senior Assistant Dean for Graduate Business Programs. For questions about designing and declaring ISC, please contact the ISC Concentration Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Cameron-Loyd.