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Leading Innovative Organizations

Concentration Coordinator Barry Posner (Management)

The Leading Innovative Organizations concentration will help you effectively create, organize and sustain organizational systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing and turbulent environments. Building from the Management and Innovation core courses, you will deepen your overall understanding of the innovation context, leadership in complex environments, team and project management, and decision making. The concentration is designed to serve students interested in a general MBA experience as well as those who wish to engage in focused innovation efforts. These courses will better prepare you to engage with the Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate how to create, organize and sustain systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing and turbulent environments.
Give examples of how one can lead in complex systems with grace and competence, and how one can leverage the strengths of other people, partners, and organizations.

Describe the impact of systems on people and people on systems.
Delineate interpersonal competencies and awareness of the social and moral dimensions of decisions.

COURSE # Course Name Units
MGMT 3512 Practice of Morality of Leadership (Prev.: Social Psychology of Leadership) 4

Twelve units of electives from the list below. Innovation-focused courses are noted with

COURSE # Course Name Units
MGMT 3516 Organizational Politics 3
MGMT 3526 Strategic HR Management 2
MGMT 3532 Managerial Communications 4
MGMT 3538 Managing Teams and Projects 4
MGMT 3540 Food Industry Management
(formerly Social, Political, and Legal Environment of Food and Agribusiness Firms)
MGMT 3544 Strategic Business Negotiations 4
MGMT 3546 Spirituality of Organizational Leadership 4
MGMT 3548 † Social Benefit Entrepreneurship 4
MGMT 3549 * Legal Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs 4
MGMT 3550 * IP Strategies for Start-up Technology Companies 2
MGMT 3551  Coaching for Leadership Development 2
MGMT 3718 Venture Capital Essentials 2
MGMT 3801 Management Consulting 4
MGMT 3802 Entrepreneurship 4
MKTG 3569 ** Small Business Entrepreneurship 4
MKTG 3572 † New Product Innovation 4
OMIS 3390 † New Product Development
(previously Integrated Product Development)
OMIS 3391
(formerly 3696)
Operationalizing Innovation 4

Last updated January 2020