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COVID-19: Current/Returning Student FAQs

Spring Quarter 2021 Graduate Business FAQs

The Leavey School of Business has announced that the MS Business Analytics, MS in Information Systems and MS in Finance & Analytics, Evening MBA (MBA) and Executive MBA (EMBA) Programs will remain mostly online, with a limited number of hybrid/modified face-to-face course offerings.

Beyond this FAQ, we have two (2) joint meetings with Graduate Business Student staff and International Student and Scholars (ISS) staff planned for the week of January 25th. More information about the meetings will be emailed to all active LSB Graduate Business Students.

Last updated: January 19, 2021.

This site is information directly related to Graduate Business programs and how your Winter quarter will operate with the current COVID-19 situation.  Please visit the University COVID-19 site for other information and details.


No. Only students who opt for a hybrid/modified class are making the commitment to return, in a limited capacity, to campus. Most of our classes will remain online, so you will have options.

Certain courses will offer an option to remain 100% online while other students are taking the class in a hybrid format. The faculty member teaching the course will decide on the modality of each course. This will be noted specifically in the posted course schedules.

The University has NOT announced their protocols for Spring quarter as of yet. Their Winter quarter protocols have been posted (review here). Once the Spring protocols are announced, we will share and require all on-campus students, faculty and staff to participate fully in the University model.

Spring quarter protocols may change based on updated directives by Government and Health officials.

No. Any student on an initial F-1 I-20, must take a full course load (8+ units) and no more than 4 units can be entirely online. For most students this means that you will take one 4 unit hybrid course and one 4 unit online courses.

If you do not wish to enter the U.S. and attend in-person / hybrid classes, you are able to continue enrolling in entirely online classes for the Spring 2021 quarter.

Please contact International Students and Scholars in Global Engagement at or schedule a Zoom Advising Appointment  for personal advising.

You may enroll in classes as you see fit. If you want hybrid/modified classes, they are available to you. But if you want to continue 100% online, that is an option for you as well.

Enrollment for hybrid AND online courses will follow the same process as it always has in the past. You will be able to enroll in any class you meet the prerequisite for during your enrollment appointment.

But pay attention, there will be 2 listings for each class (we will designate them on the schedule we distribute to you). If you enroll in the hybrid/modified section, you will be required to attend the on-campus meetings.

You should feel free to reach out to your advising staff if the questions are related to registration.  

If you have immigration related questions please contact International Students and Scholars in Global Engagement at or schedule a Zoom Advising Appointment

Winter 2021 Classes FAQs

Leavey School of Business - Leavey School of Business: The January 4 - March 19 dates for the Winter quarter are unchanged. All courses will begin January 4 in online modality. Courses that include modified in-person instructional activities will begin through remote instruction on January 4 and commence in-person activities on or after February 1 (dependent on public health orders).

Last updated: December 7, 2020.

This site is information directly related to Graduate Business programs and how your Winter quarter will operate with the current COVID-19 situation.  Please visit the University COVID-19 site for other information and details.


As announced earlier, the Evening MBA program will be offered in a hybrid format for Winter 2021.  This means that a portion of select courses may take place on-campus Face-2-Face (F2F) in the classroom.

These are some FAQs to answer what this means for you:


How do I know which courses are hybrid?

Courses will be clearly marked as “hybrid” on the schedule posted here.


What is the class capacity for hybrid classes?

The capacity for hybrid classes will depend on the size of the classroom with the social distancing measures in place.  For each hybrid course offering, there will only be a limited number of spots open for those who wish to attend F2F.  


Each course will be split into two sections; one F2F and one 100% virtual.  If you want to take a F2F course, be sure to enroll in the correct section.  


How can I guarantee that I secure a F2F spot in a hybrid class?

If you are registered for a class that has the F2F designation, then you have secured a spot in the class.  If it is full, be sure to waitlist yourself.


I am an international student, how does this impact me?

International students in the Evening MBA program will need to meet certain criteria in order to remain eligible to study in the US.  Please contact the International Student and Scholars (ISS) department to find out what these specific requirements are.


If I choose to enroll in a hybrid course, what precautions has the University taken to ensure my safety?

The safety of our students is always our top priority.  The University will be putting all county and government regulations in place to ensure your safety.  A complete COVID-19 document and expectations will be emailed to all students enrolled in hybrid courses.  Some of the precautions that are put in place are:

-Daily contact tracing for everyone who is present on campus.

-Regular COVID-19 testing for everyone who is present on campus (details to follow).

-Classrooms and gathering spaces have been retrofitted to ensure social distancing measures.

- Masks must be worn at ALL times while inside Lucas Hall.

- Assigned seating will be enforced for all F2F classes.


Processes and policies for confirmed cases and exposure will be forthcoming. 

How can I enroll in the hybrid courses?

Enrollment for hybrid AND online courses will follow the same process as it always has in the past.  You will be able to enroll in any class you meet the prerequisite for during your enrollment appointment.  


How do hybrid classes operate?  How much F2F time do I get with my classmates and the faculty member?

A portion of hybrid courses will meet F2F and the other portion will meet virtually.  The amount of F2F time vs. online class time will vary depending on faculty member, but a general estimation can be made that 50% of the class will be F2F and 50% will be hybrid.  All classes will be virtual for the first two weeks of the quarter.


For example, a class that meets MW 5:45 will be F2F on Mondays and virtual on Wednesdays.  


What if there is a hybrid class I am interested in, but do not feel safe coming to campus?

You are able to enroll in the hybrid courses, but still opt to remain 100% online.


Will Lucas Hall be available for me to study and meet with my classmates before and after my class?

No, in order to maintain a safe environment for our students, Lucas Hall meeting spaces and services will not be available.  Students are expected to vacate the premises after their class meeting.


If I have additional questions, who can I speak to?

Your MBA team will be emailing all students with drop-in hours via Zoom in the next coming week.  We will be on hand to answer any additional questions you may have.  You may also email Minh Virasak ( with any questions.


Current Student FAQs

Are all MS classes going to be online?

Yes, all MS classes are going to be online for Winter 2021.  The Graduate Business Programs Office is hopeful that some MBA classes will be on-campus, but the planning around this has not been finalized and will depend on availability of space, instructors and government guidelines.

Why aren’t MS classes being considered for on-campus in the Winter?

The answer is two-fold: 1) We need to slowly introduce populations back to campus to allow for proper social distancing and implementation of testing protocols.  2) Since the majority of MS students are international, abrupt changes in modality or inability to get a visa can severely impact their status and eligibility.  To avoid this and ease some stress around “what-ifs” scenarios we’ve decided to start with MBAs in Winter 2021.

How does this affect me?

Well this depends.  It depends on your program.  Your visa status.  Your goals.  And the combination of these factors.

I have a set graduation date in mind, does this change my ability to meet this?

We are committed to meeting the graduation dates our admitted students came in with.  If you planned to finish in Fall 2021, that is still available for you.

What if I don’t want to do Winter quarter online?

If you are in good academic standing (cumulative GPA higher than 3.0) you are eligible for a Leave of Absence (LOA).  This enables you to take up to 4 quarters off (includes Summer quarter) and return to your program without re-applying.

What should I take into consideration if planning to take an LOA?

1)    Are you in a co-horted program? See below

2)    Do you have a scholarship that is being dispersed in a specific quarter?  See below

3)    When do I want/need to graduate? See below.

If I’m in a co-horted program (MSBA or MSFA) can I take a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Yes, but you must be in good academic standing (see above) AND you will have to return in a specific quarter based on the availability of your remaining core classes.  Core classes are offered in specific quarters, so you may have to return in the quarter you left if you have minimum unit requirements per quarter. 

How will I know the specifics of my LOA?

A program advisor can assist you when you apply for your LOA

Will I lose my scholarship if I take an LOA?

For students admitted in Fall 2020, their scholarship letter specifically notes disbursement in pre-determined quarters.  Those quarters are Q1 – Fall 2020 and Q3 – Spring 2021.  Our awards and budgets are by year, so if students take an LOA, their upcoming Q3 disbursement could be lost if they don’t return in Q3 (and of course, meet the requirements their scholarships have, GPA and minimum units). 

But if I’m in a co-horted program and can’t return in Spring 2021, will I lose my Spring 2021 scholarship?

 Yes.  Again, we do not have budgets that roll over, so the money must be spent in the 2020-21 academic year.

What about programs and events?

We will continue to offer most events online.  Though we will try to offer some events on-campus, the restrictions will require social distancing, symptom checking and testing, so in-person attendance will be strict and strictly-enforced.  It will also be dependent on State and Federal limits. 

Will there be a forum for us to discuss this? 

Yes, we will host 2 town halls with ISS representatives.  The information is as follows:


Wednesday, October 21st at 6:00 am (PST): Meeting ID: 930 4249 5064 & Password: 519799

Thursday, October 22nd at 6:00 pm (PST): Meeting ID: 949 7027 0972 & Password: 285376


International & student visa-related questions:

As a student on a  visa, can I take a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

An LOA is available to any student in good standing.  But individual circumstances based on your visa standing need to be discussed with the International Student and Scholars’ (ISS) office.  


I’m an international student and I’m worried that this will affect my Optional Practical Training eligibility?

We’ve worked out a plan to allow students to meet the eligibility requirements, but it will depend on other factors like when/if you’re physically in the US.  Depending on your program, we are making adjustments to the Winter 2021, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021 AND Winter 2022 to ensure your eligibility for OPT.  This may require taking units in the Winter 2022 quarter, but it does NOT include enrolling in more units than required for your degree program.


I am in the MSBA or MSFA or MSIS program, what does my program look like if I’m concerned about OPT at the end of my program?

Minor tweaks to your schedule are being arranged to ensure you have the required units or classes at the tail end of your program.  Program specific changes will be sent to each program specifically for your review.  Watch your email.  


Will I be able to do Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?

This depends on your program, when you’re able to join us in the US (or on-campus) and how you take your units.  MSFA students who are NOT already in the US and have their student-visa(s) will NOT be able to meet CPT requirements.  They will be able to meet OPT requirements.  All other programs may allow students to meet the eligibility requirements, but it will depend on other factors like when/if you’re physically in the US. 

At this time, no.  As standards ease and the campus begins to fully open, we will update our students on new changes.

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