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Application opens 10/14

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Winter 2023 - IDIS 3695

Global Perspectives: Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday, March 25 - Saturday, April 1, 2023
4 Units

Program Fee: $3,490 (in addition to per unit tuition costs)

Come learn firsthand about business, culture, and society in Denmark, consistently rated as one of the happiest countries on Earth.  Denmark's strong, modern market economy propels a commitment to clean energy, sustainability, and 21st-century urbanization.  Our visits to firms in and around Copenhagen will bring this program’s theme -- Embracing ESG in Denmark -- to life and provide applicable lessons for forward-looking business leaders. 

Learn what it takes to manage the complexities of global business. Our visits to companies from various industries will include engagement with executives discussing their approach to ESG, strategy, and innovation. They will address questions such as: What does it take to create a sustainable business model? How should we measure ESG impact? Does innovation play a role in their ESG commitment? How can business strategy create benefits to profits, people, and planet?

Denmark’s history dates back to the Viking Age, and includes several centuries of superpower status among the European countries. These days, its state-of-the-art industries include high-tech agriculture sector, and world-leading firms in pharmaceutical, maritime shipping, and renewable energy. The government and its citizens place a high priority on green living, and more than 20 percent of its energy already comes from renewable energy. 

Both urban hip and storybook charming, Copenhagen is a financial, cultural, and government capital that offers a sophisticated view of Europe old and new. Packed with landmarks, corporate headquarters, and waterfront views, participants will explore by bicycle for the authentic Copenhagen experience. After a guided tasting tour of Danish specialties (such as pastries, fish “balls,” and Danish chocolate), enjoy a tour of Christiansborg Palace and Rosenburg Castle.

A day trip to North Sjaelland (also known as the Danish Riviera) will round out the exploration of Denmark. An easy drive from Copenhagen, this part of the country combines stunning landscapes of endless sandy beaches and small fishing villages with some of the most significant Danish cultural sites and museums. While there participants will visit Kronborg Castle, which was the setting of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and looks out over the coasts of Denmark and Sweden, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The program fee includes in-country hotel accommodations, a private coach and English-speaking guide, sightseeing, meals, drinks as listed in your itinerary and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance (plan details/coverage provided by Worldstrides). This in-country fee is in addition to the 4 units of tuition.

This program is open to both evening MBA and online MBA program students.


Application opens 10/14


Global Business Travel Study for Graduate Students

Faculty Director

Application Timeline:
Application OpensApplication ClosesApplication Decisions ReleasedAdmitted Student Commitment Required

October 14th at noon PST

October 18th at noon PST October 24th October 26th by 6:00pm PST


Nydia MacGregor

Apply for the Winter 2023 Program
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This intensive 8-day trip offers students the unique opportunity to examine various and complex issues relating to conducting business from the perspective of experts in that country. The program is designed to be an in-depth exposure to relevant cultural, legal, and sociopolitical aspects of the business environment, as well as to gain an understanding of what it means to be in a different market of the global marketplace. This program’s particular emphasis will be on ESG. Professionals and experts who work in the country will provide unique insights and expertise on multi-faceted aspects of the business environment during at least 7 company visits. 

  • Understand the historical, socio-political, financial, and cultural aspects relevant to conducting business abroad.
  • Identify unique aspects of businesses including the impact of the government policies, socio-economic concerns, and cultural influences on business decisions.
  • Compare and contrast the social, legal, and political aspects of business environments compared to the business environment in the U.S.
  • As a U.S. national, identify and evaluate the challenges for doing business abroad.
  • Analyze how the institutions of international trade, investment, and financing impact corporate strategy, structure, and operations outside the U.S.

This course carries four units of credit, and is taught by Prof. Nydia Macgregor. They will be responsible for conducting required in-person class meetings or online course content, all sessions in-country, grading the student’s academic submissions, and providing final grades. There will be mandatory pre-trip classes on campus for Evening MBA students.

The fees for this class are as follows:

  • Course tuition (4 Units)
  • Flat travel program fee of $3,490, which covers the cost of: lodging in-country; in-country ground transportation as required for the company and cultural visits (as applicable); group breakfasts, group lunches, and group dinners, as set out in the detailed itinerary; Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) medical/travel insurance; in-country guide and Faculty Director costs.
  • Round-trip travel to the in-country portion of the course, transportation from the arrival airport (and to the return airport), together with other travel-related expenses (e.g: telephone usage, other meals, entertainment, gifts, personal items, Covid testing, etc.) is the responsibility of each student.
  • Obtaining additional medical/travel insurance, beyond what is included in the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) package, is HIGHLY recommended.  It is the student’s responsibility to acquire and pay for any additional coverage needed to cover their individual expenses (plane fare, etc.).
  • Visa, if required, must be acquired and paid for by the student.

Enrollment will be by application only. The application link will be available on this web site and will open at 12:00pm PST on Friday, October 14th. Applications are timestamped. Priority will be given to students based upon units completed in the MBA program and order of applications received.  Space is limited and typically fills up quickly.


Students are expected to complete selected reading assignments before class, actively participate in class discussions, and be prepared for all in-country company visits.  Typical course assignments are as follows: 

  • Industry Research paper        
  • Company research paper        
  • Participation & Journal           
  • Local Research assignment     
  • Final paper                            

There will be a minimum of 7 company visits while in-country.

Students will be required to read textbooks, articles and case studies, to be determined and selected by the Faculty Director prior to the start of the in-country session.

Attendance at all sessions, both at SCU and in-country is mandatory. In addition to the lectures, company visits, and any additional networking or other events in-country, students will be required to attend eight hours of lectures with the faculty director and guest speakers, at times to be scheduled during the quarter on weekends prior to the departure date.  A syllabus with specifics will be distributed at the first class meeting.

Global Perspectives enrollment is based on an application process. Students must complete the application and meet all the requirements to be considered for the course. Note:  Students will be charged a non-refundable $500 deposit if their application is accepted and the student commits to participate by the required deadline.  This deposit is non-refundable and will be used to secure CFAR insurance and cover any initial fees required by our travel partner, Worldstrides.  If the trip is canceled, any unused portion of the deposit may be refunded.

All students are expected to meet the following requirements at the time of application, as well as throughout the period leading up to and including the designated Global Perspectives Business course:

  1. Minimum of two quarters completed in MBA program before the term the course will be offered.
  2.  Cumulative GPA of a 3.0
  3.  Good standing with the University
  4.  Priority will be given to students based upon units completed.

Participation Limitation
Students may participate in a maximum of two Global Business Perspectives courses in their MBA program. Students who have not participated in a trip will have preference in the application process over those who have already traveled with Global Perspectives.

Participation Payment
For accepted students, the Global Perspectives program fees will be billed as part of your November or December bill from the Bursar’s Office. Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) medical and travel insurance is also included in the program fees. If a student needs to cancel for any reason after payment is made, there will be a cancellation protection plan in place. Admitted students will need to familiarize themselves with the terms of all applicable insurance policies.

Withdrawal from Program
Students who no longer wish to participate in a Global Business Perspectives course must notify the Graduate Business Programs Office at in writing and will be responsible for the non-refundable deposit.  Students also may be responsible for travel-related administrative, program, and tuition fees depending on the timelines of the notification to the travel component. Students agree to be charged the non-refundable deposit at the time of application.

Course Cancellation
The Graduate Business Programs reserves the right to cancel a Global Business Perspectives course, or travel component, at any time due to low enrollment and other circumstances beyond the control of the University, including but not limited to unforeseen Acts of God. Again, please note that the  deposit is non-refundable and will be used to secure CFAR insurance and cover any initial fees required by our travel partner, Worldstrides. If the trip is canceled, any unused portion of the deposit may be refunded.

Students agree to comply with all COVID rules set out by the University or Faculty Directors and to adhere to destination country protocols. All participants must be vaccinated and take any additional tests as deemed needed by SCU or Faculty Directors, such as pre-travel COVID tests and in-country testing.

To request academic accommodations for a disability, students must contact Disabilities Resources, located on the second floor of Benson. Phone numbers are (408) 554-4111; TTY (408) 554-5445. Students must register and provide documentation of a disability to Disabilities Resources prior to receiving academic accommodations.