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Anshul Kalra

VP of Marketing

Anshul is currently pursuing MBA, concentration in Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation. He is currently a Product Manager at PayPal where he is providing support in creating new strategies to help PayPal in growing the Payments Platform. He graduated from the VIT University Vellore, India with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. 

After graduation he went to work for a startup where he wore different hats and helped the startup with the product and outreach, he has also worked @Dell-EMC2 where he was a consultant and helped companies in solving their Big data problems. He has helped PayPal with the go to market strategy and successfully entered the India market.

His current aspirations is to start his own company and build a product which is used by millions of people. He joined the Entrepreneurs Connection Club so that he can be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same interest for entrepreneurship. Anshul took on the leadership role to help the people in connecting and help in solving their issues.

His interests revolve around the areas of Health and Wellness, Travel and Entrepreneurship.