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Product Club



The Product Club strives to build a community of like-minded students who are interested in product design and management, and provide quality resources and networking opportunities for our members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students reach their career goals in Product Management, Product Design, and Product Marketing, and bridge the knowledge gap for all those interested. We plan to do this by fostering a close-knit community of active members, inviting industry professionals for engaging workshops and dialogues around the latest concepts and best practices, as well as providing members with invaluable networking opportunities.

How You Benefit from Our Club:

  • Get Introduced to the field of product design and management.
  • Learn pro-tips from industry leaders on how to start/transition into a career in product design or management.
  • Hear from industry leaders on current challenges and best practices in this field.
  • Enrich your professional network with like-minded students, industry leaders and alumni.

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Meet the Product Club Leadership Team:

Co-Founder & Chair of Product Design

Rachel Chang

Chair of Product Innovation

Karan Gupta

Chair of Product Management

Melody Nouri

Chair of Product Development

Vandita Vijaykumar

Co-Founder & Chair of Product Marketing

Ollie Zhou