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Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Concentration Coordinators Albert Bruno (Marketing), Sanjay Jain (Management), Kumar Sarangee (Marketing)

Leveraging SCU's location and strong alumni presence in Silicon Valley, this concentration examines the tools needed to develop ideas into businesses and to stimulate entrepreneurial activities in existing mature businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an analytical framework for evaluating new business opportunities.
  • To review some of the special operating problems of new enterprises including the problems of survival in the early years, maintaining growth in an orderly fashion, and maintaining momentum as the firm approaches maturity. This involves developing and integrating an understanding of the accounting, finance, marketing, operations and management issues that start-ups face.
  • To identify the unique entrepreneurial challenges faced by start-ups in high-technology sectors of the economy – these include infotech, biotech and cleantech. This involves reviewing the salient characteristics of these sectors, identifying the key strategic issues associated with them and then providing tools/frameworks to address these challenges.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to evaluate their own abilities and goals in regard to small business opportunities. A career in one's own business has both advantages and disadvantages.

Courses fulfilling concentration

Required courses (four units total)

COURSE # Course Name Units
MKTG 3566 Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
MKTG 3567 Business Plan Investor Pitch Practicum 1
MKTG 3569 Small Business Entrepreneurship and Investor Pitch Practicum 4

Courses totaling eleven units from the following electives

COURSE # Course Name Units
FNCE 3460 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring 3
FNCE 3480 Emerging Company Finance 3
FNCE 3714 Private Equity 1
FNCE 3715 * Venture Capital 1
FNCE 3716 * Growth Capital 1
FNCE 3723 Early Stage Company Building and Valuations 1
MKTG 3713 / FNCE 3727 Business Model Fundamentals 2
MGMT 3544 Strategic Business Negotiations 3
MGMT 3548 Social Benefit Entrepreneurship 3
MGMT 3549 Legal Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs 3
MGMT 3550 IP Strategies for Tech Start Ups 3
MGMT 38xx Entrepreneurship 3
MKTG 3572 New Product Innovation 3
MKTG 3592 Internet Marketing and eCommerce 3
MKTG 3801 Social Media Marketing 3
OMIS 3391 (previously OMIS 3801 and 3693) Deciding Wisely 3

 * FNCE 3714 is a prerequisite to FNCE 3715 and FNC 3716


Last update July 2015