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Global Perspectives

Montreal at sunset

Global Business Perspectives : International study for graduate business students

Winter Quarter 2018

You need to have an international viewpoint if you want to fully contribute to your organization's growth and development. Our short-term Global Perspectives program provides you with in-depth study and in-country travel experience to add to your graduate program.

Panama — March 24- 30, 2018

Panama skyline.

Most business students will work with Latin American companies at some point in their careers and the opportunity to compare Panama and the U.S. is available during the winter 2018 quarter.

Join this exciting trip to learn first-hand how different Panama is from the United States. Its culture, currency, politics, language and country climate are distinct from that of the U.S.

Enjoy immersing in the Spanish language and culture as we visit the dynamic environment of Panama. It is a very exciting city, and is headquarters for major corporations of Latin America. Experience unique cultural opportunities as we visit the history of the Panama Canal, explore Eco Tourism with an up close look as we tour Gamboa and Gatun Lake, and much more!

Guided by Professor Phyllis Brock, this trip will be an important and eye-opening Global Business Perspectives trip.

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