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Jaggi, Smriti Kawal

Smriti Jaggi

MSIS '16 (expected)

INC: WIB 2015-16

Smriti is a member of the Council of Graduate Students in Business and a current student in the MS in Information Systems program. As a full-time student she will be working with Kaiser Permanente as part of her industry capstone project, expecting to graduate in June 2016. Learn more about her:

When was the first time you became interested in the industry you're in?
As an engineering student, I became really interested in software and developed my programming skills. When I was working as a Software Engineer at TOSHIBA back in India, I realized that it makes the work much easier if managers understand the difficulties software engineers face. Our team manager was a software engineer himself, so we had a lot of flexibility as long as the work was getting done. The same was not true for our colleagues from different teams.

Why did you choose SCU to further your education?
I chose SCU because of its ideal location, and the electives based on latest technologies offered by the MSIS program.

How has your perspective on business changed as a result of furthering your education?
Coming from a technical background, I did not have much idea about how business works. I never realized how each line of code written by every software engineer affects business. Moreover, meeting my peers who come from different backgrounds, I have now learned that there are several ways to look at the same issue. There is never only one solution.

How do you think things will change for you once you've completed your degree?
I decided to pursue an MSIS degree as I wished to stay in the IT industry but change my domain within the industry. Through the course of earning my degree, I will gain the required skill sets to make a career change. As I mentioned earlier, my perspective of the industry I am a part of has changed already. Having met and worked with people from different walks of life, I’ll be able to get a holistic view of every issue I face.

What drew you to participating on this council?
I have always been a proactive member of the community I am a part of. When I heard about the leadership positions available in the council, I applied for it so that I can contribute to the community. Since I have good relations with my peers, I felt that I would be able to form a good connection between the students and the administration.

What are you hoping to accomplish through this student council?
I am hoping to improve the experience of the students while they pursue their Masters. Many of our students are international students who are adjusting to a new culture and place. Students face some issues and they are reluctant to go to the administration and solve their problem, or they do not know who to approach to get the problem solved. As a part of this student council, I hope that we would be able to help them adjust and make their experience worthwhile.

What do your best days usually include?
My best days usually include travel, friends, good food and lots of laughter.

What is your favorite productivity tool?
My most effective productivity tool is a scheduler and a pencil.

What business person, living or dead, do you admire most and why?
I admire Henry Ford the most as he taught me that failure is just a resting point. He proved this by becoming one of the richest men in the world even after two major failures.