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Theis, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Theis

Evening MBA '18 (expected)

Liz is a member of the Council of Graduate Students in Business and a student in the Evening MBA program with a concentration in Leading Innovative Organizations. She is currently working for Lone Wolf Development, a small company whose employees work virtually, and expects to graduate in 2018. Learn more about her:

When was the first time you became interested in the industry you're in?
I work in the tabletop gaming industry (think Dungeons & Dragons). I grew up with the games, but I never thought about getting into the industry professionally until the opportunity came along. Now that I’m in it, I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave.

Why did you choose SCU to further your education?
The company where I work is really small, which allows me to take risks and try new things. I learn a lot by trial and error, but I was interested in learning about business more formally. I’d heard wonderful things about SCU, and when I learned it was a Jesuit institution it sealed the deal. I completed my undergraduate degree at Marquette University, so I was eager to receive another Jesuit education.

How has your perspective on business changed as a result of furthering your education?
No company fits perfectly into the theories you learn about in business school. However, those theories and case studies can still be applied and considered when making decisions.

How do you think things will change for you once you've completed your degree?
I’ve found my goals are different from the majority of my peers. Many students want to change jobs or receive a promotion after they’re finished with their MBA. I want to stay with my current company – I’ll just have more knowledge and resources at my disposal.

What drew you to participating on this council?
I’m not an idea person, but I listen to others and I enjoy working with school administration towards positive change. I figured that I can listen to my peers to learn what they want and then do what I enjoy doing – getting things done.

What are you hoping to accomplish through this student council?
I don’t know if there’s one particular goal. If I’m able to take risks on behalf of MBA students, I think the year will be a success.

What do your best days usually include?
Playing computer or board games with my husband, and curling up on the couch with a good book and my dog.

What is your favorite productivity tool?
Wunderlist – hands down. I keep track of all my to-do items for both work and my personal life. Even better, it ties into Google Calendar.

What business person, living or dead, do you admire most and why?
I don’t think there’s one that stands out “most”. One of the number of business leaders that I admire is Sheryl Sandberg. A little over a year ago I read her book, Lean In. Inspired, I put myself out there and told my company’s owner that I wanted to do more. Because of that conversation, he kept me in mind when a promotion opportunity came along. Since then, I’ve been trying to get more of my friends and family members to read her book.