Zhu, Min

Min Zhu

Evening MBA '17 (expected)

Min is a member of the Council of Graduate Students in Business and a full-time international student in the Evening MBA program, expecting to graduate in 2017. Learn more about her:

When was the first time you became interested in the industry you're in?
I’ve been interested in the auto industry ever since 2006, when I went to Shanghai international auto salon for the first time. Since then, I've always worked in the auto industry.

Why did you choose SCU to further your education?
I chose SCU for two main reasons: the location—it’s full of sunshine, and in the heart of Silicon Valley where there're so many hi-tech companies; and the quality—the quality of education that you get through SCU’s MBA program is great!

How has your perspective on business changed as a result of furthering your education?
It's becoming more and more clear for me, and I think I'll be more confident to deal with certain business situations in the future.

How do you think things will change for you once you've completed your degree?
I'm not too sure, but with a clearer perspective and vision on business, I think to deal with business work will be a more logical and systematic thing.

What drew you to participating on this council?
I wanted to get to know how things function on a student council in the US, as well as do something meaningful apart from study.

What do your best days usually include?
They normally include some meaningful work that I can finish, good food I can eat and share with friends, and a good book I can read before sleep.

What business person, living or dead, do you admire most and why?
Elon Musk, because he not only has dreams, passion, and courage, but he knows how to make each of his dreams come true.