Kabra, Kanupriya

Kanupriya Kabra

MBA Student

Kanupriya has her masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on the research areas of wireless and sensor networks. She followed this up with a job at Cisco Systems where she worked on their intricate core router (CRS). She dove deep into the highly complex IOS-XR architecture and designed coded and resolved critical issues in high-pressure situations. She believes that her engineering background has provided her necessary technical foundation and an MBA from SCU would help her understand the value management process, and successfully take up the role of product manager.

Her hobbies are painting and photography. She took up Plein Air Oil painting class under noted artists Brigitte Curt and Jim Smyth. As subtle differences in interpretation resulted in either an exceptional or an ordinary piece of artwork, she believes that one’s attitude towards life plays a key role in shaping their reality.

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