Willits, Amber

Amber Willits

MBA Student

"You've got to want success as bad as you want to breathe" is an influential quote I chose to live by everyday. I am a graduate from the University from California Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Communication and minor in Sports Management. I grew up in a small town located in the Central Valley, called Tracy and was born in Santa Clara. I look forward to giving back to this community and the bay area once I graduate in 2017 with my MBA. My long term goal is to open my own Personal Training company and gym. My optimistic attitude, industrious work ethic, and ability to lead others continually inspires my entrepreneurial driven spirit. Over the last three years I have started my own Private Personal Training business, Private Swim Lesson business, and Private in-home tutoring business. I am passionate about transforming the lives of others and look forward to more opportunities here at SCU where I can learn to build upon my entrepreneurial and communication skills.

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