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OSN Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the OMIS Student Network!

Participate!!! As an OMIS major you are automatically considered a member of the OMIS Student Network (OSN) and placed on the OMIS department e-mail list. The OSN uses this to communicate with the student body about OMIS related news, events and opportunities. However, active members participate in OSN sponsored events whenever possible. You are encouraged to choose the events that you feel would be most beneficial, be they community service projects, career workshops, or company information nights. Most events do not require advanced registration and are free of charge. If you have not yet declared your major as OMIS, the best way to find out about events is by adding yourself to the OSN mailing list. Plug into the Network!

The OSN offers the resources that you need to start building a solid foundation for your career in OMIS and it is up to you to take advantage of them. Getting involved with the OSN gives you the chance to hear what Information Technology (IT) professionals have to say, as well as the chance to ask any questions you may have before you get into the real world. By doing this you position yourself to navigate the path that you want your career to take. Being comfortable interacting and networking with others in a professional environment is invaluable, and comes only with practice. Starting to make contacts now will make life a lot easier when you do start looking for a job. Time invested in networking now will provide the benefit of having a ready-made network of contacts when you are looking for a job later. People will already be familiar with who you are and you will be a lot more well-rounded, polished and well-educated about the industry, increasing your marketability as an IT professional. You should be busy sharpening your OMIS skills beyond knowing how to dress and answer questions for an interview. Make the effort to have a solid understanding of what is expected of OMIS graduates, familiarize yourself with what Dr. Ghiassi terms "the culture of the field" and keep current with the latest technology and solutions. How do you do all this? Immerse yourself in the OSN.

Plenty. The OSN sponsors events that are intended to help OMIS majors grow and learn more about the field they have chosen. In addition to providing guidance in making career choices, the OSN coordinates formal recruiting sessions, sponsors informal information sessions wherein students have the chance to learn about opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) field, and provides community service. If you are not actively pursuing a job, getting involved with the OSN will allow you to exercise your skills as an OMIS major as well as network with other majors, alumni, and other professionals in the IT community.

Applying to be an OSN officer is one of the best ways to demonstrate leadership and grow as an OMIS major. As an officer you will have the opportunity to interface with SCU Alumni and Silicon Valley executives in an effort to spearhead your class towards the best opportunities available in the IT industry.

The OSN is focused on encouraging students to become more aware of the opportunities and resources that the OSN offers by actively participating and volunteering in OSN-sponsored events. Consequently, the OSN has not implemented any other formal criteria for membership other than to declare one's major as OMIS.

In addition to submitting a formal application and a résumé, candidates applying for a position as an OMIS Student Network officer will be personally interviewed by the OSN faculty advisor. An ideal officer demonstrates solid leadership, communication and organizational skills; can work with a team as well as initiate and complete projects individually; and is enthusiastic, reliable, and willing to exceed expectations.