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Tsay Media Appearances

2013-0107 [21世纪经济报道, 21st Century Business Herald (China)]: 中国制造"潜危机:生产外包回流美国 (A looming crisis for 'Made in China': American reshoring of manufacturing)

The article includes extensive remarks by Professor Tsay on the factors companies consider in choosing where to locate their manufacturing operations, the role of government incentives, hidden costs of outsourcing and offshoring, obstacles to U.S. reshoring, alternatives to China as a home for manufacturing activity, and how China should react to these developments.

The 21st Century Business Herald (21 世纪经济报道) is a Chinese language international daily newspaper, headquartered in Guangzhou, with bureaus in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities in China. Considered the "Wall Street Journal of China" by many professionals, its circulation exceeds 843,000. It is the greater China region partner of Forbes magazine.

This interview has been reprinted in more than 30 additional Chinese-language news outlets.

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