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Kannappan, Kenneth

Ken Kannappan

Adjunct Lecturer

Ken Kannappan was the CEO of Plantronics for 18 years. While there, he worked to increase revenues by about 7x to $850 million and earnings per share by 15x while providing shareholders about a 22x return on investment.  His work increased innovation and helped the company enter new markets for consumer communications, stereo, fitness, gaming, and most recently soundscaping for business.  Under his watch, market share gains increased 40% in business and 500% in consumer with extraordinary customer satisfaction. 
Previously, Mr. Kannappan worked for four years at Plantronics running sales, international, operations, IT, and served as President and COO.  Prior to that, he spent 12 years in investment banking focusing on technology companies. 
Mr. Kannappan is a recipient of the Award for Corporate Excellence from United States Secretary of State. He has 25 years of Board experience, including current position as Chairman of Integrated Device Technology and prior position as Chairman of Mattson Technology until sold.  He holds a B.A. from Yale University, and an MBA from Stanford University.
February 2018