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Program Outline

Designed by Silicon Valley marketing professionals and Santa Clara University's distinguished marketing faculty, Productizing Innovation provides the hands-on product management and product marketing skills sought by the top-notch technology companies who'll define Silicon Valley's future.

Program Outline

How to be a Successful Product Innovator

  • Learn the skills, mindsets, roles, responsibilities, and career paths of a successful product innovator
  • Navigate the political environment and preparation for the role

Understanding Product/Market Strategy

  • Segment the market and develop target strategies
  • Understand Value proposition and create Positioning Statements
  • Generate Roadmaps and manage Product Lifecycle
  • Manage Portfolios and Platforms
  • Maintain Product Ecosystems

Market and Environmental Analysis

  • Analyze Competitive and Environmental Analyses
  • Estimate Market Sizing and Forecasting
  • Develop Customer Focus and Customer Centricity
  • Conjoint Analysis for Market Research

Organizational Analysis

  • Define the product management/marketing function within the firm
  • Build an innovative culture and structure
  • Change management within the firm
  • Develop New Product Goals, Objectives and Success Metrics



Managing and Leading Teams

  • Structure the right teams for the right innovation
  • Manage cross-functional interfaces and organizational boundaries
  • Create the right project climate

Processes in Productizing Innovations

  • Understand the Innovation Process (Design Thinking)
  • Manage Product Development Processes (Agile vs Waterfall vs Stage-Gate)
  • Utilize Market Research and Ideation Processes
  • Apply Product Prioritization and Definition Processes
  • Lead New Product Project/Process Management Initiatives

 New Product Introduction and Execution

  • Understand Digital Marketing Tactics
  • Implement Integrated Marketing Communications and Effective Branding 
  • Apply Pricing Principles
  • Create New Product Forecasting
  • Manage Original Equipment Manufacturer/Suppliers/Channels/System Integrators/Technology Partnerships
  • Control Product Launch and /Go To Market Acceleration
  • Use Post Launch Post Mortems/End of Life Planning 
  • Product Analytics and Metrics

Capstone and Presentations