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Rudin, Ken

Ken Rudin, MS Business Analytics Advisory Board member
Ken Rudin

Head of Growth and Analytics for Google Search

Ken Rudin is head of Growth and Analytics for Search at Google, building on previous roles in some of the tech industry's leading companies. 

Prior to joining Google's search unit, Rudin led Facebook's analytics efforts, using data and business analysis ti shape product development. Earlier, he was vice president of analytics and platform technologies at Zynga.

Rudin founded and served as CEO and CMO of LucidEra, delivering analytics and business analytics as an on-demand service, developing cloud-based business intelligence products in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, online retailers, and technology manufacturers.

Among other companies in which Rudin has held leadership roles are Siebel, SalesForce, and Oracle.

Rudin earned his MBA at Stanford University and his bachelor's degree in computer science from Harvard University.