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With the MS in Business Analytics curriculum, you will gain knowledge of both the theory and practice of business analytics as our curriculum provides you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand business challenges and priorities, and learn to address such challenges using the appropriate data and suitable econometric analytical tools. 

  • Identify the data needed to evaluate potential opportunities to leverage analytically driven decision making to increase the value of the firm. 

  • Understand the challenge of privacy protection of customers, and the balance between privacy protection and personalization of business offerings

  • Learn foundational techniques and tools required for business analytics and data science, covering mathematics, statistics, software.

  • Select and apply appropriate analytical techniques, models, and frameworks to business decisions; and be able to summarize and analyze quantitative information using statistics and data visualization

  • Write clear, well-documented, and effective memoranda and reports; prepare and deliver professional-quality presentations; work effectively on a project in a team

To complete the program, you must complete at least 48 units, spread over 36 units of required (core) units as well as a minimum of 12 units of elective credits. †

The Business Analytics degree includes four core topics: Business Foundations, Statistics and Optimization, Business Analytics,
and Technology.

Core Classes:

Elective Options:

Business Foundations (required)


Principles of Marketing

Time-Series Analysis 
Principles of Finance Analytics of Finance 

Microeconomics for Business Decision with Econometric Applications

Analytics of Optimal Pricing & New Product Decisions
Statistics and Optimization (required) Marketing Analytics II 
Math for Finance & Analytics Social Network Analytics   
Business Analytics (required) Automated Software Build & Release Systems   
Econometrics Big Data Modeling & Analytics   
Marketing Analytics  Data Visualization   
Business Analytics Practicum/Capstone Mobile Payment & Blockchain   
Technology (all required): Deep Learning   
Database Management Systems - Fundamentals  Database Management Systems - Design, Development & Administration   
Data Analytics (with Python)     
R programming    
Machine Learning      

Note: Courses are subject to change and availability in a given quarter is not guaranteed.