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Marketing Attribution

On November 11, 2016 Faculty Director Dr. Xiaojing Dong PhD of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University hosted speakers from Google, Adobe, Facebook, Netflix and Walmart for an engaging Analytics Symposium on marketing attribution.


The panelists educated over 50 students, faculty and staff about marketing attribution which focuses on assigning value to "touchpoints" or clicks along a buyer's e-commerce journey prior to an actual purchase.  Specifically, how these industry leaders are approaching the question of: Is the first touch more valuable than the last?  This high stakes question is at the heart of how sophisticated data analytics is increasingly driving marketing strategy and investments.

The symposium program was followed by an extensive Q&A during which Santa Clara University graduate students at the Leavey Business School pursuing MS & MBA degrees in Business Analytics, Information Systems and Data Science had the opportunity to dive deeper into the technical aspects of marketing attribution problem.

This successful event was the first of an upcoming series of data and business analytic symposia featuring notable subject matter leaders from Silicon Valley companies Dr. Dong will be hosting for SCU MS and MBA students to enrich classroom learning experiences with opportunities to interact with tech leaders, in real time, on the front lines of the big data revolution.