Integration and Application

Integration and Application

To complete your MSIS degree, you will develop perspectives on how information systems are actually designed and used, and how broad social and ethical questions must be considered in thinking about the use of such systems. You will complete a major application project called Capstone, as part of this cluster. Four (4) courses are required. 

  • MSIS student in Lucas Hall class

    MSIS 2641 : Ethics and Public Policy

    Introduces the normative principles for ethical decision-making: identifying which principles are applicable; and, weighing conflicting principles. Includes in-depth exploration of contemporary ethical issues, together with public policy issues relating to information technology in the context of the legal environment of business. Class lectures and discussions are based on the textbook, supplemented by ethical simulations and scenarios.

  • Design Project

    MSIS 2645, 2646, and 2647
    6 units

    This six-month project is perfect if you are considering launching a startup or want to refine your business development skills. You will create a proposal for the Capstone Project Manager, identifying the resources and constraints of the project, while you assemble a team to execute on the project. Once the project gains approval, you and your team will have an accelerated timeframe in which to complete the project—conditions similar to work environments found in many Silicon Valley firms. This intensive experience helps you combine the knowledge you've acquired in your coursework with practical application in successful project implementation, and providing you with a significant accomplishment to add to your resume.

  • Industry Option

    MSIS 2640, 2642, and 2643
    6 units

    In the competitive Industry Project option, you and a team of fellow students will work with a company's managerial staff to identify, develop, and implement a practical, hands-on solution to one of the organization's information technology challenges. You'll put your coursework to immediate use, in a six-month (or longer) project working with Silicon Valley organizations, putting your theoretical knowledge to work.

    Past teams have worked with Google to implement a knowledge management system for its Finance IT department and with Intuit to improve development time of its cloud computing products.

  • Thesis Option

    MSIS 2644
    6 units

    The Thesis Option is your opportunity to dig deeper and make a contribution to the IS field while you are still a student! You (and a partner, if you choose) can select a problem to explore with theoretical models which will advance knowledge in the discipline, or apply new IS technology to solve an existing problem. Your thesis may open doors in organizations looking for the solution you have developed.