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MSIS Courses

Below are courses for the MSIS program as well as courses from departments which support the MSIS degree.

Computer Engineering

Graduate Engineering

Techniques and technologies of information and data security. Managerial aspects of computer security and risk management. Security services. Legal and ethical issues. Security processes, best practices, accreditation, and procurement. Security policy and plan development and enforcement. Contingency, continuity, and disaster recovery planning. Preparation for design and administration of a complete, consistent, correct, and adequate security program. Can be taken in place of MSIS 2625. (2 units)

Procedures for identification, preservation, and extraction of electronic evidence. Auditing and investigation of network and host system intrusions, analysis and documentation of information gathered, and preparation of expert testimonial evidence. Forensic tools and resources for system administrators and information system security officers. Ethics, law, policy, and standards concerning digital evidence.Prerequisite: COEN 20 or equivalent. Co-requisite: COEN 252L. (4 units)