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MS Supply Chain Management


Further your career with the most advanced program.

Supply chain management and analytics are critical functions across a wide variety of businesses, from device manufacturers to alternative energy and biotech. In today’s competitive global marketplace, it is critical to get product to market as fast and efficiently as possible. That’s why our MS in Supply Chain Management and Analytics program is educating new generations of data-driven leaders. You’ll learn from top thinkers who have put cutting-edge ideas into practice to provide you with a unique combination of skills, business analytics and information systems.

We are currently not accepting applications for 2018-2019

Ram Bala, Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems

Optimize your career in Supply Chain Management

Imagine class projects, internships, and jobs at companies such as Google, Apple, Intel, HP, Sanmina,, Applied Materials, and Cephied—all a stone's throw from our campus. Plus mentoring by our renowned faculty and leading supply chain practitioners as well as networking opportunities with our successful alumni. There is no better place to start your global career!


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Silicon Valley Based

Further your career by building everlasting connections with our powerful alumni network. Interact with innovative practitioners and experts to learn the latest in supply chain management, technology and analytics.

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STEM Approved

Our STEM-certified curriculum focuses on latest supply chain practices employed by global practitioners. Integrating concepts from analytics and information systems, it provides experiential learning through industry projects.

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Core Business Function

Supply chain management is a critical function in high technology and bio-tech fields. Be proficient in managing supply chains for better firm performance. Read more in "A Seat at the CEO's Table" here »