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To earn your MS in Supply Chain Management and Analytics at Santa Clara University, you'll need to complete 50 units of graduate coursework. In the full-time program, this is done over 5 quarters of full-time study. In the part-time program, this is done over approximately two years. Your courses will include foundational business and supply chain management curriculum, advanced supply chain management topics, courses in business analytics and information systems, and an array of electives in supply chain management or supporting disciplines such as information systems, marketing, finance, and business analytics. 

Required Courses    
  (35 units)
ACTG 2300    Financial Accounting (3 units)
MKTG 2552    Marketing Strategies & Decision (4 units)
MGMT 2701    Business Ethics (1 unit)
MSIS 2602    System Analysis & Design (3 units)
MSIS 2603   Database Management Systems (3 units)
MSIS 2622    ERP Systems (3 units)
OMIS 2353    Statistical Methods (3 units)
OMIS 2355   Computer-Based Decision Models (3 units)
OMIS 2383    Supply Chain Foundations (3 units)
OMIS 2384    Supply Chain Management (3 units)
OMIS 2698    Supply Chain Consulting Project (6 units)
Supply Chain Electives
  (6 units)
OMIS 2390    New Product Development (3 units)
OMIS 2391    Operationalizing Innovation (3 units)
OMIS 2805    Supply Chain Risk Management (3 units)
Analytics Electives   (6 units)
IDIS 3802    Data Science with Python (3 units)
OMIS 2392    Econometrics with R (4 units)*
MSIS 2629    Dashboards, Scorecards & Visualization (3 units)*
MSIS 2621    Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing (3 units)*
MKTG 3597    Marketing Analytics (3 units)
Unresticted Elective   (3 units)
    Student may select an unrestricted elective that they meet the prerequisite for.

*Additional prerequisite for these classes.

Note: Courses are subject to change and availability in a given quarter is not guaranteed.