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RMI Internships

RMI Internships are a core component and requirement to receive a minor in Retail Studies. The internship is typically ten weeks, full time, and generally takes place the summer between junior and senior year.

RMI internships are offered through a well-established network of retail partners. RMI provides business exposure and many opportunities including a yearly Internship Faire that attracts select bay-area retailers such as Chloe & Isabel, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Orchard Supply Hardware, Pottery Barn, Nike, Nordstrom, Ross, Safeway, StitchFix, Trader Joes, Gap, Williams-Sonoma, Levi, Lolli and Pops and many other recognized industry leaders and innovators.

Companies on-site for the anticipated Internship Faire, engage and interview students for internship opportunities in the areas of Finance, Business Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing/Brand, Information Technology, eCommerce, Product Development and Merchandising/Buying. 

In addition to the Faire, students are further prepared for finding an internship, working closely with both faculty and staff, with resume workshops, interviewing basics and career center events including a LinkedIn lab, corporate tours and networking opportunities with retail executives and RMI’s advisory board of .

Students can fulfill the internship requirement by participating in RMI sponsored internships or by finding their own internship.

Approved Types of Internships:

Internships can be taken within any one of the following market segments:

A retail organization internship focuses on industry opportunities to experience the areas within a corporate or HQ environment that best align and match areas of interest and focus. Internship roles in Finance, Business Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing/Communications, Information Technology, eCommerce, Product Development and Merchandising/Buying are recommended however, RMI will also accept in-store internships as an approved option.

An Internship working within an organization that that calls on / sells to or provides services to retailers or the retail industry. In other words for this organization a "retailer" is the customer as in the following examples:

Accounting & Consulting Firms: Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG are all firms that provide quantitative and qualitative services to Retail organizations. Internship must focus directly on a retail client.

Manufacturer: Brands such as Levi, Nike, Apple have retail stores AND supply to other retailers.  Phillips-Van Heusen, as another type of manufacturer, is a brand that sells into retail meaning sells into big box chain stores such as Kohls, Macy’s, Bloomingdales.  This type of internship requires  work in the retail division of the manufacturer or the division that sells to and directly focuses on the retailer. A corporate marketing or PR type Internship does not fit this program.

The eCommerce internship is with an organization or team that is involved in the on-line selling or marketing directly to the customer/consumer. Examples are the .com webpage/site or Internet marketing to a retailers target market and customer base.,, eBay, Apple iTunes are the types of organizations where the Internship completed in eCommerce  or on-line Marketing divisions.

For internship approved, please review the information above carefully, confirm internship meets the criteria and send Cynthia Gamage ( the following:

  1. Job description of the internship as posted or prepared by the company.
  2. A written statement that highlights the following: (1) The name of the company, (2) The location of the internship, (3) The type of organization – retail organization, accounting/consulting/manufacturing or eCommerce (4) Description of the position and the work to be performed, (4) How your work directly focuses on retail, (5) the analytical aspects of the internship.

Once details are provided, RMI Director, Prof. Kalyanam will determine if the internship meets the criteria for a retail studies internship.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow-thru on submission to receive necessary approval.  

The Retail Studies internship programs provide the opportunity for students to put classroom theory into practice in a real world retail experience. The internship is ten weeks, full time, and generally takes place the summer between a student's junior and senior year. This opportunity provides students with experience in the retail industry needed for such a competitive job market.

The Retail Management Institute faculty and staff work closely with students to identify opportunities that match interests and skills. The internship preparation process begins winter quarter and includes resume workshops, information sessions, corporate tours and more!

Students can fulfill the internship requirement by participating in Institute sponsored internships or by finding their own internship.

Lisa Bougie

Lisa leads the buying, product creation, planning and allocation teams at Stitch Fix. Lisa is passionate about keeping our clients at the heart of every product decision and believes that we are only as good as the way that we make our clients feel. Prior, Lisa was the General Manager of Direct to Consumer at Nike, and she’s held leadership roles in merchandising and product creation at Patagonia and Gap, Inc. She holds a B.S. in Marketing and Retail Management from Santa Clara University.

"(We) support the SCU RMI Internship Program because we see tremendous value in education and providing mutually valuable work experiences for RMI students. I personally credit my internship experience with helping me to decide to pursue a career in this industry... I remain committed to the purpose of the RMI because I see the value this experience has had both for me personally as well as many other students I have observed benefit from this experience over the years".

- President of Men's, Michael Kors
   and RMI Alum, Mark Brashear

(Former Chairman & CEO of Hugo Boss Americas)