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Fry's Electronics closes

Fry's Electronics closes

Here's why Fry's closure is 'the end of an era' for Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley lost a cultural icon when Fry's Electronics announced it was closing all its stores and shutting down its operations.

For much of its nearly 36 years, the electronics retailer was a mecca for the tech industry's engineers and other workers. That's because it's huge stores offered a whole lot more than could be found at a Best Buy or a Circuit City — not just TVs and audio equipment, but the very latest gadgets; a wide assortment of electronics components; plus toys, toasters, snack food and even pornographic magazines.

"It was like a Disneyland for geeks," said Kirthi Kalyanam, a professor in the business school at Santa Clara University and the executive director of its Retail Management Institute.

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