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Grove Collaborative: A Model of Social Responsibility
by Giovanna Pasini ’17 and Katherine Rotas ’17

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Grove Collaborative was born from the simple idea that the purest household and beauty products on the market should be easy to find and buy, affordable for families, and accessible wherever you live.

Because life is too busy for lastminute errands, they deliver to their customers’ doorstep, on their schedules. As a Certified B-Corporation, sharing the title with well known and reputable brands like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Etsy and Ben & Jerry’s, Grove maintains the highest standards for supporting social, environmental, and community wellbeing.

This summer, we were lucky enough to work alongside a fabulous team of 20 in-house co-workers (in addition to remote talent and several office dogs) in the heart of San Francisco’s Marina District. Grove HQ provided us a homey, comfortable, and naturally lit workplace that is very characteristic of the company culture and its values. As merchandising interns, we worked alongside each department in the company, learning invaluable insights and experiences framing the unique realm that is “startup life.”

From organizing website categories and onboarding new products, to helping the company rebrand its image, we truly felt that we had a substantial influence on essential elements of Grove Collaborative during our short time there.

After spending a summer researching sustainable supply chain management and ingredient sourcing, while also catering to customer demands and trends, we now see the vital importance of placing a high emphasis on corporate social responsibility in all facets of a successful business, as we’ve been taught throughout our time here at Santa Clara University.

We are proud to have worked for such a dynamic company, and we take with us Grove’s standard that “in making thoughtful decisions today, we not only ensure a better tomorrow but a healthier future for generations to come.”

About Grove Collaborative is dedicated to helping everyone create a healthy, beautiful home with natural products and 100% happiness guaranteed and Free Shipping.

Imagination, Work Ethic, and Ideas Shine at Sephora
by Katie Haenel ’17



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In 1970, Dominique Mandonnaud transformed a blasé perfumery into a hands-on shopping experience that his intelligent clients were craving. As the founder of Sephora, Mandonnaud was aware of what his clients wanted: to be able to experience a product’s magic before making the purchase.

Today, the company embodies the same drive to give shoppers what they want, when they want it, how they want it, and in the most innovative manner possible. As a marketing intern last summer at Sephora, I was immersed in the same culture spurred by Mandonnaud’s passion: a culture that drives everyone in the company to perfect the now and to create the future.

At 425 Market St. in San Francisco, one is surrounded by beautiful things, and no, it’s not what you are thinking. Yes, the office space is beautifully done. And yes, there are marketing samples and products that will take your breath away. But truly what is so beautiful at Sephora’s corporate office is the imagination, work ethic, and greatness of the Sephora employees. Every day, I would walk into the office and I was stunned by the groundbreaking ideas that people created, I was encouraged to ask questions, and I was proud to send out emails ending in

About Sephora - A unique, open-sell environment features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, color, fragrance, body, smilecare, and haircare, in addition to Sephora’s own private label.

Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods group, Sephora is highly regarded as a beauty trailblazer, thanks to its unparalleled assortment of prestige products, unbiased service from experts, interactive shopping environment, and innovation.

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