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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Scheduling Tips

Scheduling tips will help you during enrollment. Here you will find helpful tips that guide you to be enrolled in at least 12 units. We urge you to check prerequisites and verify that courses meet requirements before enrolling in classes. If a class you want to enroll in is full during the registration period we walk you through the steps that lead you to a successful enrollment. Most importantly don't panic. We are here for you.




  • You must be enrolled in 12 units to be considered a full-time student. See possible unit combinations below:
14 units Three 4-unit classes + one 2-unit class
15 units Three 5-unit classes
16 units Four 4-unit classes
17 units Three 4-unit classes + one 5-unit class
  • Check prerequisites and verify that courses meet requirements before enrolling in classes.
  • Plan to take a variety of courses in both the university core, business core and your major each quarter. As a first-year or sophomore you will rarely be enrolled in more than two business courses.
What To Do When A Class Is Full During Registration
  • First, make sure you enroll in a full schedule during your registration appointment. Don’t assume you’ll be able to fill your schedule from the waiting list or during the first week of classes.
    • If you make a successful bid to enroll in a class that was full, you can swap classes once you have that information.
  • For information about adding full classes offered by departments in A&S or Engineering, contact the individual departments.
  • If you are trying to add a full class that is offered in ACTG, ECON, FNCE, MGMT, MKTG, or OMIS:
    • In order to try to add a business course which is full at the time of your registration, you can add your name to a wait list for the course directly in Workday.  Please see instructions and answers to frequently asked questions about the process here.
    • If  you plan to overload, you can find information here about how to use the Workday wait list.
    • Position on the wait list will NOT determine placement in the class. The department administrative assistants will review the wait lists and assign seats based upon the current criteria developed by the departments and the Undergraduate Business Programs Office to distribute permission numbers.  These criteria will be based on one or more of the following factors: current enrollment in another section of the requested course, declared business-related majors/minors, completion of prerequisites, graduation petition status, and number of units completed.  

If you would like to overload (more than 19 units), please review the policy and procedure on page 6 of the Deadlines and Registration booklet on the Office of the Registrar site.

You won’t fall behind the expected four-year graduation just because you can’t get into a class that is full. If you think you might, visit an LSB Peer Advisor who can show you how to complete a 4-year course plan. Once you have a course plan, you’ll usually find you have more time than you think to complete a particular course.