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Things to Think About

Decisions About Your Major

You’ll declare a major by the end of your sophomore year

  • Visit the Career Center for:
    • Self-Assessment Tools
    • Major Exploration Resources 

Talk to Faculty

  • Classroom faculty
  • Your faculty advisor
  • Department Chairs

Core Curriculum – Pathways

Here are some things you’ll want to remember about the Pathways requirement in the university core curriculum in your first year.

  • Visit the Pathway Website and explore the descriptions and course lists: select “Pathways”.
  • Familiarize yourself with Pathway policies and procedure.
  • For all of the courses you complete—SAVE YOUR WORK!!!
  • Use Course Avail or the Pathways website to find out if any of the courses you are taking are part of a Pathway that connects with your interests. 

Advising Meetings

Fall quarter peer advisor meeting

  • Watch for information from your peer advisor for this mandatory meeting where you’ll learn more about your advising resources and get ready for winter quarter registration. 

Winter quarter course planning workshop 

  • Watch for information from your peer advisor for this meeting where you can learn how to create a course plan and get ready for spring quarter registration.

Annual Academic Advising

  • This advising meeting is Mandatory
  • You’ll have an Advising Hold on your Fall 2017 registration until you meet with your Peer Advisor to plan for your 2017-18 academic year.
    • If you’d like to meet with your faculty advisor as well, you may do so after you meet with your peer advisor.

Global Engagement

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides leadership, coordination, strategic planning and programs for the internationalization on campus. For more information visit their website.

GEO maintains programs and services that enhance intercultural education at SCU including

  • SCU Study Abroad
  • International Student Services
  • The International Studies minor
  • SCU-sponsored international travel approval
  • Guidance on international partnerships
  • Workshops for students and faculty on intercultural learning