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2021-22 Leavey Scholars Profiles

  • Spencer Fischer

    Class of 2022
    Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
    Finance Major, International Business Minor

    The Leavey Scholars Progarm offers me the opportunity to learn from and connect with especially caring professors.   My favorite Leavey Scholars couse so far has been FNCE 121S, Financial Management.  Professor Pan was an amazing teacher who helped introduce all the students to basic finance and then deepening out understand of all the concepts.  During the summer,  I am working as a Risk Assurance Intern at KPMG.  
  • Fernanda Gaete

    Class of 2022
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon 
    Finance Major

    The Leavey Scholars Program has been one of the highlights of my time in the Leavey School of Business. It offered me an ability to learn among a highly inquisitive and inclusive group of students, in an environment that was focused not only on hard work, but on forging long-term connections with individuals who share my passion for learning and growth.   My favorite Leavey Scholars class has been BUSN 179S, Effective Communication in Business,with Prof. Sean O’Keefe. This course taught me to grow from not only my successes, but my also failures, both on a personal and professional level. I left BUSN 179S with a newfound confidence in myself that I will take with me into my internship this summer!  I will be working at Apple this summer as an intern in the Finance Development Program.
  • Ethan Jones

    Class of 2022
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Economics (BSC) Major, Philosophy and Spanish Studies Minors

    I've really enjoyed the opportunity to work with other Leavey Scholars in group projects and spend time learning from other students in the program. The Leavey Scholars classes I've taken have been focused on the application of the business knowledge that they are teaching, which I really appreciate. They've helped me understand how to translate ideas into actions.

  • Mary Harmon

    Class of 2022
    Hometown: Altadena, California
    Accounting and Information Systems Major

    The small classroom sizes and being able to work with like-minded business students is what I like most about the LSP program, and I always learn so much from my classmates.  My favorite scholars course so far has been Management of Organizations, MGMT 160S. The professor challenged us and helped us learn more about organizational leadership and structure, and the group project was a really great way to dive deeper on these topics for one specific organization.  This summer I am working at KPMG as an audit intern in the Los Angeles office!

  • Naomi Wong

    Class of 2022
    Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Finance Major, International Business & Management Information Systems Minors

    The Leavey Scholars classes prepared me for working with professionals through the many group projects we had interacting with others with a high drive for success.  I like how we are constantly being challenged and pushed to reach our maximum potential through our peers, professors, and overall assignments.  My favorite Leavey Scholars class so far has been MGMT160. I learned a lot about how people with different personalities and other attributes are able to work together on a team and be successful. I also learned about dealing with stress, motivation, and what it takes to be a good leader.  I am working as a Risk Advisory intern at KPMG this summer.

  • Robert Kim

    Class of 2022
    Hometown:  Stevenson Ranch, CA
    Accounting & Information Systems Major

    BUSN 179S, Business Communication, has been my favorite class! It was challenging yet rewarding as we got to work in groups and learn applicable business communication strategies.  BUSN 179S helped with my professionalism for interviews.  I will be working at Deloitte as an audit intern in Summer 2021.