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2018 Global Fellows


AHA Bolivia

Fair trade, ethical manufacturer and supplier working with Bolivian artisans to produce the high quality knitwear, handbags, toys and knitwear.


Gen Kimura '19

Finance Major
MIS Minor

Alejandra Deambrosio '20

Political Science & Communication Majors
Environmental Studies Minor

Andrew Bake '20

Economics Majors
Environmental Studies Minor

Bolivia 4ward

Creating better opportunities for underprivileged Bolivian children that struggle with a limited education system.


Kimberly Grandi Soriano'19

Spanish Major
Environmental Studies Major
Latin American Studies Minor
Sustainability Minor

Alejandra Sanchez '19

Sociology Major
Ethnic Studies Major
Spanish Major
Latin American Studies Minor

Brandon Sage '20

Management & Information Systems Major
Spanish Minor

Earth Regeneration

Using renewable energy solutions to address the systemic issues of climate change.



Erin Schulhofer'19

Psychology Major
Sociology & Environmental Studies Minor

Jada Paddock '20

Mechanical Engineering Major


Asila Luxury

Creating high end ethical fashion which empowers women and girls, and preserves Morocco’s craft heritage.


Bridget Nelson '20

Communication Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Luz Garcia '20

Marketing Major
Communication Major
Retail Studies Minor

The Gambia

Starfish International

Empowering Gambian girls by providing them with an advanced education focused on service to humanity.


Leslie Giglio '19

Public Health Major
Ethnic Studies Minor
Spanish Minor


Amanda Eason '20

Sociology Major
Environmental Studies Major
Political Science Minor

Kiran Sutaria '20

Bioengineering Major
Electrical Engineering Minor


Bright Generation

Serving underprivileged children, youth and women in the rural areas of Ghana through social enterprise and education.


Alec Gonzales '19

Studio Art Major
Public Health Major

Andrew Elliott '20

Finance Major
Economics Minor


Aarti Home for Girls

Empowering women and girls in living a life of choice : Shelter. Education. Training. Livelihood.


Areli Hernandez '19

Political Science Major
Spanish Major
Ethnic Studies Major
Latin American Studies Minor


Andrea Peña '20

Sociology Major
Ethnic Studies Major
Spanish Minor

Association for Social & Environmental Development

Creating an ecologically resilient society through nature conservation by youth leaders.


Owen O'Mahony '19

Political Science Major
Italian Minor

Nicholas Fazio '20

Environmental Science Major
French Minor

Abigail Suster '19

Environmental Studies Major
Spanish Minor
Sociology Minor

Destiny Reflection

Combating sex trafficking and slavery through the economic empowerment of women.


Alyssa Fiddes '19

Marketing Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Andrea Jiang '19

Communication Major
Retail Studies Minor

Franklin Templeton

Providing clients around the world access to products and ideas, with investment teams supported by a global platform that includes rigorous compliance and active risk management.


Richard Garger '20

Economics Major
Environmental Studies Major
International Business Minor
Sustainability Minor

Christopher Maguire '20

Finance Major
Management Information Systems Minor

Tanner Condit '20

OMIS Major
International Business Minor

Prafull Oorja

Providing yoga and holistic practices to marginalized populations as a way to empower and enhance lives and their sense of well being.


Nadia Yonan '20

English Major
Ethnic Studies Major
Classical Languages and Literature Minor

Mara Strong '20

English Major
Philosophy Major
History Minor