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2019 Global Fellows


AHA Bolivia

Fair trade, ethical manufacturer and supplier working with Bolivian artisans to produce high quality knitwear, handbags, toys and knitwear.


Brendan Jones '21

Accounting & Information Systems Major
Music Minor

Douglas Lambert '21

Economics & Political Science Majors
Computer Science & Mathematics Minors

Lacey Yahnke '21

Communication Major
Professional Writing Minor

Bolivia 4ward

Creating opportunities for Bolivian children using Khan Academy to teach math in an exciting and productive way.


Camila Khorrami '20

Ethnic Studies and Biology Majors
Spanish Studies Minor

Rachel Milioto '20

Spanish Studies and Women's and Gender Studies Majors
Latin American Studies Minor

Martimeano Villa '21

Political Science & English Majors
Philosophy Minor

Earth Regeneration

Using renewable energy solutions to address the systemic issues of climate change.



Elizabeth Bollard'20

Communication & Environmental Studies Majors
Spanish Studies Minor

Tia Halsey '21

Public Health Science Major

Samantha Maria Zamora '20

Biology & Environmental Science Majors


Asila Luxury

Creating high end ethical fashion which empowers women and girls, and preserves Morocco’s craft heritage.


Keala Johnson '20

Bioengineering Major

Shelby White '21

Communication Major
Retail Studies Minor

The Gambia

Starfish International

Empowering Gambian girls by providing them with an advanced education focused on service to humanity.


Kirsten Dodroe '20

Public Health Science & Biology Majors

Lindsay McConville '21

Mechanical Engineering Major

Mollie Mertes '20

Finance Major


Bright Generation

Serving underprivileged children, youth and women in the rural areas of Ghana through social enterprise and education.


David Diebold '20

Bioengineering Major

Sahil Sagar '21

Economics (BS) Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Brooke Watson'21

Mechanical Engineering Major
Aerospace Engineering Minor


Aarti Home for Girls

Empowering women and girls in living a life of choice : Shelter. Education. Training. Livelihood.


Angelica Navarro '20

Sociology and Ethnic Studies Majors


Carolina Fernandez '20

Marketing Major
Communication Minor

Association for Social & Environmental Development

Creating an ecologically resilient society through nature conservation by youth leaders.


Nicholas Buccino '21

Economics (BS) & Engineering Majors

Dana Jauco '21

Music Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Julia Jenak '21

 Environmental Science Major

Destiny Reflection

Combating sex trafficking and slavery through the economic empowerment of women.


Marialisa Caruso '20

Finance Major
International Business Minor
Creative Writing Minor

Tess Sestito '21

Finance Major
Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Sattva Consulting

Vanquishing poverty in our lifetime by co-creating models that are scalable, sustainable and globally relevant, by serving as a bridge across varied stakeholders, by designing and implementing solutions that can bring long-lasting impact. 


Adan Gonzalez '20

Finance & Spanish Studies Majors
Philosophy Minor


Brooke VanSant '20

Finance  & Economics (BS) Majors


Mercado Global

Ethical fashion brand and social enterprise working to empower rural indigenous Mayan women to break the cycle of poverty by connecting them to international markets, fostering sustainable livelihoods for their families, and pioneering a socially responsible business model within the fashion industry.


Yuho Tanaka '21

Marketing & Psychology Majors
International Business Minor

Erin Malcom '21

Management Major



Kasha is a mobile store ensuring every women has access to the products she needs to take care of herself, her family and her community.


Tatiana Valentine '20

Biology Major

Kalen Abe '21

Ethnic Studies and English Majors


Heaven is a social enterprise developing Rwanda's most important resource: its people.  Prosperity creation is one of Rwanda’s many challenges, and Heaven provides employment that sets a national standard for service excellence and food quality. 


Haley Skinner '21

Communication Major

Brandon Gonzalez '20

Business Major