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ASED - India

Mission: To create an ecologically resistant society through engaging and educating people of all ages. 

Location: Kolkata, India


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Interns perform a range of tasks and projects from teaching students grades 6-8 to planning fundraising events. Projects vary from year to year, but many are focused on promoting their flagship program, the Green Rhinos. Some of the past projects include website development, ASED app creation, Green Rhinos survey analysis, developing training materials, producing marketing films, and even writing an environmental themed song.

Required skills: ASED is a great fit for students of any academic background. Business majors, Environmental Science/Studies, Engineers, and Music majors are just a few of the majors that have all worked with ASED. Because of the set of majors and backgrounds, ASED approaches each project with the focus on what each individual fellow brings to the table. Instead of looking for a specific type of student, ASED looks at how each person’s skills and talents can be applied to the projects that need to get done. Adaptability, collaboration, conflict resolution, creativity, cross language communication, emotional intelligence, public speaking, problem solving, and flexibility are necessary across all projects.

Relevant interests: Leadership, education, environmental conservation, sustainability, art, cultural collaboration, non profit management

 Potential Majors/Minors: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Engineering, Studio Art, Music, Psychology (especially needed for the project for next year), Environmental Science/Studies, Theatre and Dance, Political Science, Public Health, Economics, and Ethnic Studies.

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