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Bolivia 4Ward - Bolivia

Mission: To provide underserved children in the Cochabamba community a supplementary math program and extracurricular activities that promote education.

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Global Fellows at Bolivia 4Ward will tutor children (math and science) ranging from ages 6-17, and complete additional marketing projects that articulate the impact of the program. Fellows will coordinate workshops that promote other subjects such as science and English. Fellows will also engage children with fun educational games, do arts and crafts, and teach children how to bike.   

Required skills: Communication skills, public speaking skills, leadership. Fellows should also be open-minded, patient, flexible, a good team player, adaptable, have emotional intelligence.  Spanish speakers preferred.

Relevant interests: Child development, education, intercultural communication, humanitarian work, social movements. Passion for mathematics, art, science, athletics, and working with children.   

Potential Majors/Minors: Biology, Child Studies, Communication, Economics, English, Ethnic Studies, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Spanish, Sociology, Psychology, Latin American Studies, International Studies 

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