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Bright Generation - Ghana

Mission: Promote human dignity and social development in rural Ghana through education.

Location: Kumasi, Ghana


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Global Fellows design products and projects for Bright Generation and research opportunities to fund these projects. Past fellows have monitored microloans distribution, designed new bamboo bike frame factory, researched market entry opportunities for electric bikes, and facilitated partnerships with bicycle stores to increase business. Responsibilities vary year to year, depending on the need of Bright Generation Community Foundation. There is also potential to shadow doctors at a local hospital for those interested.

Required skills: Ability to create and execute your own project, cross cultural collaboration, independence, patience. Experience with marketing, business operations, project development, and social media communication is a plus.

Relevant interests: Interdisciplinary experience, nonprofit experience, women and youth empowerment, sustainability, frugal innovation, international economics, international development

Potential Majors/Minors: All Engineering, All Business, Retail Studies, Communication, Psychology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Economics, Anthropology, Art History, English, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Public Health Science, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies.

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