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Heaven Holdings - Rwanda

Mission: Heaven is helping Rwanda develop its most important resource: its people. Prosperity creation is one of Rwanda’s many challenges, and Heaven provides employment that sets a national standard for service excellence and food quality

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Global Fellows at Heaven Rwanda will be exposed to various opportunities depending on their individual skills. These include, but aren't limited to, working with the front of house on English skills, with the marketing team on promotion across social media channels, with Heaven Tours team on refinement and the development of tours in and around Kigali.

Required skills: Communication skills, business development skills, social media promotion skills and emotional intelligence. Fellows also need to be highly flexible, confident, mature, and passionate about both economic development and training young Rwandans! Hospitality experience is a bonus.

Relevant interests: Business development, economic empowerment, social entrepreneurship, hospitality, marketing and social media promotion.

Potential Majors/Minors: Creative Writing, Business, Economics, International Business, English, Entrepreneurship,  Environmental Studies/Science, Ethnic Studies, History, Management, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, Studio Arts

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