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Kasha - Rwanda

Mission: Every woman has access to the products she needs to take care of herself, her family and her community.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: At Kasha, Global Fellows will be challenged with projects that will enrich their education. Using skills they bring, and those they will learn in-country, fellows will learn how Kasha delivers healthcare and beauty products to women in Rwanda.  Fellows will also be able to witness health education outreach and unique marketing campaign methods. 

Required skills: Communication skills, ability to apply feedback, and cultural competency. Fellows should also be self- motivated, and willing to work in an office environment for 8 hours a day. Note: there may be days that are completely out of office and a fellow should be flexible and excited to learn during these times.

Relevant interests: Women's health, pharmaceuticals, website design, e-commerce, public health, women’s economic empowerment, marketing

Potential Majors/Minors: Marketing, Retail Studies, Public Health, Communications, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, English/Writing, International Business, Sociology

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