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Prafull Oorja - India

Mission: Prafull Oorja provides yoga and holistic practices to under-resourced populations, including special needs children and rural women and youth. Prafull Oorja has two main programmes, uBloom Yoga for Special Needs and uRise Yoga for Empowerment.

Location: Bangalore, India


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Global Fellows at Prafull Oorja will support operations and also see the yoga teachings in action.  Fellows will work on business development, social media strategy and posting.

Required skills: Communication skills, leadership. Fellows should also be open-minded, patient, flexible, a good team player, adaptable, have emotional intelligence.  Spanish speakers preferred.

Relevant interests: Child development, education, intercultural communication, humanitarian work, social movements. Passion for art, science, yoga, and working with children.   

Potential Majors/Minors (not limited to these): Biology, Child Studies, Communication, Economics, Public Health, English, Ethnic Studies, History, Political Science,Sociology, Psychology, Latin American Studies, International Studies

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