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Sattva Media and Consulting - India

Mission: Help organizations to design and execute inclusive models that are innovative, economically viable and add equitable value to all the different stakeholders involved in the chain.

Location: Bangalore, India


Placement Details: PDF Link

Internship description: Global Fellows at Sattva can expect to be working on a wide array of teams and projects. Sattva performs a wide variety of consulting and research services so interns should be able to find a project that interests them and matches their skill set. On a typical day, interns can expect to have 1-2 meetings with their team or client, gather data, perform analysis in excel, and create slide decks. Interns serve as support to Sattva’s existing team and do whatever would be helpful for the team, though interns can take on important independent roles within the team as well.

Required skills: Written and oral professional communication skills, proficiency in excel and powerpoint, able to work in a fast-paced corporate setting, independent, flexible, comfortable with long hours, impact-driven.

Relevant interests: Consulting, data-backed social impact, non-profit work, corporate social responsibility, income inequality, management consulting, solving complex problems in a team environment, business-oriented, operational NGOs, sustainable business practices.

Potential Majors/Minors: Anthropology, Economics, English, Entrepreneurship, Finance, AIS,  International Business, Management, Marketing, Political Science

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