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Eric Mansur

Eric Mansur
Finance Major, Business Analytics Minor
Redwood City, California

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB: 
Since Freshman year, I have enjoyed exploring and participating in the clubs and associations offered at LSB. The SCU Real Estate Association, Investment banking Club, and the Venture Capitalist Club have all given me helpful insight and exposure in select industries, which have helped shape my career path. 

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies: 
General Activities: SCU Finance Association, LSB Ambassadors Program, Venture Capitalist Club, Intramural Softball (2019 D1 Champions).  General Hobbies: Golf all over the Bay Area, Sailing Charters and Racing, BBQ with friends, surf/snowboarding, traveling, and always on the lookout for new restaurants.

What global experiences have you had in college? 
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I was not allowed to participate in my study abroad experience in Milan, Italy. I was planning on complete courses in Finance and International Business. However, I still have hope that once things slowly come back to normality, I still go on my adventure!

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at LSB?
During the Spring of my Sophomore year, my BUSN 50 professor gave me the tools and guidance to secure a great internship despite the pandemic. That summer, I worked as a Financial Analyst Intern for an expansion services firm called Blueback Global Inc.  From great education and expertise that I have learned in the (virtual) classroom, I will be joining Snowflake this summer as a Business Development Intern. I cannot wait to be a part of Snowflake’s mission to change our data driven world!

Favorite LSB Class and Why? 
Finance 121: Intro to Finance with Professor Sam Lee was my favorite class so far at LSB. Professor Lee taught with great enthusiasm that inspired me to work hard to retain as much key insight as possible. It was also my first finance class at SCU which was very exciting at the time!

What made you choose to attend LSB? 
The LSB is loaded with resources and avenues that are offered to almost all business students. The 17:1 faculty-to-student ratio has also been fantastic in seeking help when needed. As I transition into my senior year, I feel that the LSB has prepared me to grow and thrive in and out of the classroom.

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?
Ask more questions! Please do not hesitate or feel uncomfortable to ask as many questions as possible. Here at LSB, we love prospective student questions and are eager to provide answers and examples from our experience. The application process to college is an amazing experience, I wish I asked more questions!