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Sania Chopra
Sania Chopra
Accounting & Information Systems Major
Davis, California

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB:   I am an Accounting & Information Systems major which I declared after taking some of the introductory accounting courses at LSB. I think LSB does a great job of allowing students to explore the different area of business to find what they are most passionate about, which is something I really appreciate. The curriculum prepares you very well to excel in the professional world, and being in the Silicon Valley, there are numerous opportunities for professional development and learning offered by the school.

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies: In addition to being a Leavey Ambassador, I am also a LSB peer advisor for freshmen, so I get to interact with a small group of advisees on a one-on-one basis and help them with course planning and academic success at LSB. Outside of school, I am doing a part time job as an assistant accountant for a small bay area firm, and this has allowed my to already start applying my academic knowledge in the real world! Aside from these involvements, I love to travel and explore, and SCU's location is definitely a plus point as there are so many amazing places around the area to visit on weekends.

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at LSB? Starting the job search process may seem intimidating, but SCU has numerous resources to help students. Personally, I benefitted the most from the class MGMT 50, a Professional Skills Seminar class. It is highly recommended that students take this class in their second year as it teaches you about the many other resources on campus like the Career Center, Handshake, VMock, and lots more. It also teaches you to step out of your comfort zone by reaching out to professionals and networking. Overall, it was one of the most informational resource for me in regards to internships and job search.

Favorite LSB Class and Why? My favorite LSB class was definitely BUSN 70, the Contemporary Business Issues Class that all business students have to take. It covers a broad range of topics and paints a picture of what it is like to be in the business world. It touches on many of the different areas of business that students will learn about in depth in future courses. It also involves a team project where students simulate running a business, which is very fun and is also a great learning experience. Overall, it is a great introductory class and offers a very solid foundation for content moving forward.

What made you choose to attend LSB? SCU's business school is well reputed and offers numerous opportunities for students to be successful in their careers, and being in the Silicon Valley, many companies seek to hire SCU students because of the school's exceptional business program. Additionally, I really liked that SCU had small class sizes as that allows students to build strong connections with professors and make lasting connections with peers. It is a great foundation to build a supportive community, which is something I have really appreciated.

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?  While making college decisions, many students focus on factors like rankings, acceptance rates, and prospects for job placement after college. But it is crucial to step back and look at colleges as a whole. Do you want to spend three to four years in that area or state? Do you want a large community or a close knit one? What does the campus atmosphere and vibe feel like to you? These questions will help you see beyond the numbers to assess whether you can actually see yourself spending four years in that college community. Personally, visiting SCU's campus helped me solidify my decision and get excited to spend time in this community.