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ACE Student, Sammehah Hussain Head Shot
Sammehah Hussain

ACE Class of 2021

How is ACE supporting you professionally?
ACE is supporting me professionally by providing me with tools to be able to shape my career and set myself up for success. Through workshops, panels, company tours, and extensive alumni connections, the program has offered me unique opportunities to learn and grow as I shape my career path.

How has the ACE program complimented your business education?
ACE has provided a space for me to build my professional and social agility in ways that extend beyond my in-class learning. The program bridges our experiences at SCU with the reality of the business world as we develop real-world competency. ACE has helped me in polishing my resume, improving my interviewing and networking skills, and building an understanding of all the steps I must take as I start my career in order to have a competitive edge and set myself up for success. 

Biggest takeaway?
One of my biggest takeaways has been developing close and meaningful relationships with members of my cohort as we watch and help each other grow throughout our years at SCU and onto our future careers. The ACE program helps develop individuals into conscious, focused, and passionate young business leaders. Interacting with such a group both within and outside the program is one of the coolest parts about being in ACE.