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Amelia Lee
ACE Class of 2023

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply?
When applying to the program, I was most excited about the opportunity to engage with and grow alongside the ACE community. I wanted to be part of a diverse cohort, learning alongside students who share my drive to get involved, are committed to excellence, and take action to make an impact. As I build meaningful relationships with my peers and alumni, it's become clear that the ACE community is all of these things and more. I really do attribute much of the programs success to the amazing community that Brenda and Jack have built; I feel very fortunate to be part of this legacy today.

How has the ACE program benefited you professionally?
The ACE program has given me the tools to be successful professionally. I get to interact with a network of students who challenge and support me, expert guest speakers who share their experience and advice, and professionals who lay the foundations to networking, interviewing and more. The skills I've developed, in combination with the amazing mentors ACE provides, have pushed me to have meaningful conversations and prepare for a vocation I'm excited about.

What do you think will be your main takeaways from the ACE program?
In ACE, what you learn is 100% applicable to your life. Knowing this, I don't think my main takeaway will be the actual skills I've developed, but rather how I've been encouraged to apply what I've been taught. After each ACE event, action steps are outlined and we are pushed to exercise and build upon what we've learned. ACE taught me how to transform these lessons into tangible opportunities; the program not only helps me develop my professional skills, but has also instilled in me the confidence to move forward and better understand the next steps I can take to grow.